Victory in Japan                                             Victory in Europe 

The Silent Hero project put faces to the people who lost their lives, and humanixed the soldiers who went through it. It has led to further understanding of the influence of states, but also just how much of a sacrifice the men had to make for the benefit of the country. If I could speak with Walter, I would thank him for everything he did and tell him how much people cared and were impressed by him. After going through Walter Knapps entire file, the most heartbreaking but important source were the final letters he wrote back to his wife. While it did not contain the most technical information, those letters showed how scared Walter was, and how unbelievably sad he was to leave his wife just before her birth. The letters are shown below. Growing up with my father in the military, I have always been around military sacrifice. However, through learning about Walters entire life I was able to broaden my perspective and see the pain and sacrifice on a completely different level. I will forever be greatful for not only Staff Sergeant Walter Knapp, but everyone who has lost their lives in war. 

Walter Knapp in uniform